Friday, January 8, 2010

Apple Tablet Buzz! Written by Patrick M, Edited by Sarah W.

The Apple Tablet, a long rumored device from Apple, has been getting a lot of hype lately and the internet is on fire with rumors and buzz. Sites say everything from the tablet looking like a big iPhone to the "iSlate" causing a revolution communication. Quotes from Apple executives and former employees make the rumors all the more believable. The speculation of what this Tablet can do for the world is astounding. Some say it will revive print media, others say students of the future should all have one, and still others say that it will contribute to a decrease in television and radio ratings. Anything is possible for Apple and Steve Jobs, and his team always finds a way to outsmart everyone. The following sites have some juicy news and exciting previews of what should be an amazing step forward in technology. Apple wants to steal the thunder from the Consumer Electronics Show as other companies race to find a rival for the Tablet.,goog,amzn,^ixic&sec=topStories&pos=5&asset=&ccode="

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  1. Good article. Gadgets will be the "iT" thing this year. At the CES in Las Vegas, Tablets are everywhere, but the cost could dampen the demand. How many gadgets should one own really?