Thursday, February 18, 2010

5 Cool Questions!

Gunston T.V. decided to ask 7 of our favorite teachers the same 5 questions!
Here's what we found out!
Every Friday we will showcase a new teacher. Stay tuned.

Teacher #1: Mr. Stewart.

1) What is your favorite kind of music?

I appreciate talent; that is, I prefer to listen to anyone who is excellent at doing what they do. Check out Jerry Douglas on the dobro, Liz Phair or J. Mascis on the guitar, Stewart Copeland on the drums,Pharrel Williams on the mixer, the voices of Casey Dienel, Lykke Li, Leon Redbone, Natasha Khan, or Ghostface.

2) What's your favorite food?

I enjoy going to Afghani restaurants during Ramadan; I enjoy making gyoza during Chinese New Year (or latkes at Channukah); and I will forever eat Mike and Ikes.

3) Pets?

I think keeping animals as pets is an inhumane act; early domestication may have been a necessity for food and labor, yet centuries of breeding for hair color, size, and sound of bark has created entire species of ridiculous,neurotic,and uncomfortable animals. Say "No" to pets (unless, of course, you are rescuing one of these unfortunate life forms).

4) Favorite movie or T.V. show at the moment?

The Winter Olympics
Jersey Shore makes me weep for our world.

5) Favorite place?

Room G12
Long Branch Nature Center
Antalya, Turkey
Biloxi, MS

Remember to tune in next week for Teacher #2: Ms. Woodbury.

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