Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best of the Decade!

Network 21 students created this fun video about the first decade of the 21st Century!


  1. Ok, you guys, this really rocks! I love it - I can't decide which segment is my favorite - it might MJ or Michael Phelps or Barack Obama (did you know he was called Barry when he was growing up?)- great job, everybody!

  2. i loved when you guys were all wearing skinny jeans and the uggs and the chucks like omg this is a great way to show people how the syle of 2009 was. alot of those styles are passing in to 2010! People arent scared of wearing their own syle now. I am very fashionable and sometimes me and my freinds for fun will wear long striped socks and wear them over our skinny jeans! Now more of the 6th graders are doing that now to!!!!!!!