Monday, December 7, 2009

Network 21's Technology Gadget Gift List by Patrick and Paul

The holidays are fast approaching and many teens are are making their lists for awesome holiday gifts. If you are one of the kids still in the dark, then here are a few awesome tech gifts that any type of teen would surely want.

If you are a music lover then you can’t go wrong with the iPod Nano.
The iPod Nano brings video to your favorite tunes with a new built-in video camera. For the extra kick it has a large screen and a polished aluminum finish in 9 brilliant colors.
Say you find yourself in the middle of a cool skate jam; or in the cafeteria when a colossal food fight breaks out. Now you can prove that really happened with the iPod Nano video camera. Shoot high-quality video in portrait or landscape-perfect for posting on a social-networking site or emailing friends.
iPod Nano also includes a microphone that captures clean audio you can listen to during playback on the built in speaker.
The iPod Nano is 3.6 x 1.5 x 0.24 in., it weighs 1.28 ounces, and takes about 1.5 hours to charge. It has a 2.2inch diagonal display. It has battery life up to 24 hours and at 8 GB it can hold up to 2,000 songs and 8 hours of video.
The iPod Nano is a music lover’s dream starting at $149.

If you are an avid gamer, then Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is the perfect choice for you. Recently reduced in price to $299, it is a great choice for either the casual or hardcore gamer.
With dimensions of 12 and a half inches tall by 3.2 inches wide and 10.1 inches deep and weighting 7.7 lbs. The Xbox 360 is smaller and lighter than it’s older brother.
Contrary to some movie stars, the Xbox 360 looks better in person and you have to try it to fully experience the console. From any angle, position or viewpoint the Xbox 360 always looks stunning.
The Xbox 360 not only plays amazing games but is also your personal Multimedia center. It can also share pictures, music and playback movies.
The Xbox 360 has more computation power than any modern day desktop computer, and it’s multimedia capabilities are on par with any other consumer electronic. You get a DVD movie player, a music and picture center that connects both to TV’s and computer monitors. Did we mention that this thing plays games too?

If you are one of those unlucky teens without a cell phone, the Verizon Chocolate Touch might be the phone for you.
It’s slim and lightweight, with a beautiful touch display that’s surprisingly responsive. Like all the other Chocolate handsets, the Touch is a music centric phone with features like Dolby mobile equalizer settings, an FM radio, and even a virtual drum kit.
Combined with a 3.2 megapixel camera, EV-DO( 3G mobile broadband network) and a full HTML browser, the Chocolate Touch is a great music phone for Verizon Wireless customers.
The LG Chocolate Touch is $79 when purchased with a Verizon Wireless 2 year contract, and is worth every cent.

The Fujitsu Lifebook Tablet PC is debateably the coolest computer we’ve ever seen. The sleek design and portability make it perfect for this generation of teens. The comfort and ease of a traditional notebook combined with the versatility of a tablet best describes the Lifebook Tablet PC.
With it’s brilliant 13.3 inch wide screen display, built-in modular bay, integrated wireless access and the latest Intel software and hardware, and optional dual-digitizer with multi-touch screen, you can quickly enter and access information whenever, wherever and by whichever method you prefer.

The Samsung Dualview is an awesome new camera that has a 12.2 megapixel lens with an LCD display on the front that lets you see when you take a self-shot.
It is full of creative features that could keep a child busy with a playful animation on the second screen. Use the countdown display to coordinate a group shot.
It has a smart auto feature, which automatically senses picture conditions and adjusts for the perfect shot, 14 different preset modes offer perfect choices for a variety of settings.
It has a 27mm wide-angle lens and 4.6 optical zoom to get you up-close to the action and capture the best moments. It also has an advanced new way to view and sort your photos with GestureUI, it offers the pinnacle of user-friendly performance. The Dualview is a great camera for the whole family and should be a must buy this holiday season.

If you are looking for an easy to use, cheap video camera that shoots great quality video the Flip Ultra is the perfect choice. It has a built-in USB arm to connect at anytime, a tripod mount, a TV playback outlet to play your favorite videos on the big screen and can use either regular AA's or a rechargeable battery pack. The Flip Ultra also has built in software to organize and sort all your videos. It has 640x480 resolution, 30 frames per second, and 2x optical zoom it can fulfill all your quick shooting needs. The Flip Ultra is very portable at 6 oz. and 4.25"x 2.19"x 1.17" you can take it almost anywhere with you. In 4 bright colors and starting at $149 the Flip Ultra will be your go to vacation camcorder for years to come.

No matter what type of teen you are, any one of these gifts will be sure to fulfill all your tech needs. Happy Holidays, and hopefully one of these gadgets will be waiting for you.


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  3. Great list! I want a Flip, heard it comes in HD.

  4. i think this wish list is good and affordable good job on facts to

  5. i have the ipod nano w/ video camera it is awesome! it has so many features that i didnt even know about! so if you do get the i pod nano w/ video camera then on youtube and search i pod nano w/ video camera and it will show you features that you didnt even know about! I recomend the ipod! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  6. I have the Chocolate Touch and It really is very good, I don't have internet on it and i still Love it, for those you who like touch screen phones You'll like this!

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